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SFI, Swedish For Immigrants

The aim of the Swedish for Immigrants (sfi) language instruction program is to give adults who lack basic skills in Swedish opportunities to develop an ability to verbally and in writing communicate in Swedish in everyday life, societal life, working life and education, based on their different requirements, conditions and personal goals.

The aim is also to provide knowledge and understanding of the basic values of Swedish society and how it is organized, to facilitate the student's integration and active participation. Adult immigrants over the age of 16 years are entitled to study SFI. Municipalities are responsible for sfi and also for determining how this instruction is to be organized.

After finishing Sfi you can continue with the courses svenska som andraspråk grundläggande 1, 2, 3 (elemantary level) and after that svenska som andraspråk 1, 2, 3 gymnasial nivå (upper secondary scool level).

How to apply for SFI

Please fill in the form and choose school APPLICATION SFIlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Sfi starts ongoing throughout the year with three weeks intervals. Below you can see the Sfi-schools we offe


There is also an opportunity to learn Swedish on sfi-level for you who have education and work experience as craftsmen, engineers, teachers, medical workers etc. called Sfx-yrke.

Sfx - Swedish for professionals – consists of several different courses focusing on professional Swedish language, related to specific areas of work.

The goal is to shorten the path through the educational system, and the time it takes before you can start working in your profession or start your own businesses in Sweden. 

For more information see "Relaterad information" to the right.


SFI bas is a basic education and an introduction to work for refugees and immigrants with no or little education (0-6 years) from their home country. The basic studies include everyday mathematics, health and computer science. Through different activities you will also learn about the swedish society.The basic studies are practically oriented. If needed contact a study counsellor for further information.SFI bas is located in the municipality of Sigtuna.

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